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Dr. Khan is a University trained Anesthesiologist and Interventional Pain Specialist. He specializes in treating the pain at its source. Dr.Khan takes the time to educate patients, listen to their concerns and tailor the best pain management possible for their needs By using the latest image-guided technology Dr. Khan delivers medication directly at the site of concern with precision and safety.


A peaceful environment with trusted and friendly staff to provide the best customer service imaginable. A multi-step evaluation including detailed medical questioning focusing on your problem, thorough physical examination, and detailed symptom-based review regarding your complaints. We offer one on one consultation and education made simple! With diagram and model-based explanation of your pain and the techniques we use to treat it! At Dolora Pain Management offers the latest in image-guided pain medication delivery procedures. We also offer a variety of other long-term pain control medication options!

We accept all major insurances, Medical HMOs, Tricare, Auto & Worker’s Comp Insurances.